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Korbet Adventures: Thunder on the Mountain

     A graduation trip to Buenayam's beautifully mysterious Mount Aluma becomes a life changing event when Jacob Conner and his friends, Benjer and Skye Weaver, discover the secret of Electricons and Omenjurs, two supernatual beings who can control lightning and water, and the war between them over whether humans should know about them. A war Jacob may be more involved in than he realizes.

     With a storm on the horizon and THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN, this is only the beginning of Jacob, Benjer and Skye's adventures.


Published July 1st 2019

Yeti Man: The Beast of Seaport

     Seaport was once considered the most beautiful city in Buenayam. That was until the crime lord Jordon Keil set up his operations in the city. Known as the man who counted all the cards in the Orbis Vita casinos until he owned them all, Keil's reign of terror seems endless.
     Austin Morrison, a 16-year old boy with autism and DID, was locked away in the Seaport Asylum for protection. But when a dark secret from his past personifies itself as the YETI MAN, Austin will begin to wonder if there's another reason he's been hidden from the world.


Coming Late 2021/Early 2022

Cover art by @Piefanart on Twitter

Korbet Adventures: Lightning in a Bottle

     Skye Weaver is struggling to return to normal life as she enters her first term in college. As she tries to live with the secret of Electricons and Omenjurs, the war between the BISHOPS and the Followers of Orvano enter a ceasefire as the hunt for Greif Howden continues.
     The situation will become all the more complex when rumors of a hybrid living in Buenayam begin to spread. Someone capable of ending the Secret War once and for all. And Skye will soon learn that finding a hybrid is like catching LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE.


Coming 2022 

Cover art not final